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Lindsey Klotz

About me

Lindsey Klotz is a 22-year-old Illustrator based in the Chicagoland area. She grew up in Crystal Lake, Illinois where she graduated from Crystal Lake South High School in 2019. Her love of art started at a young age. For as long as she could remember, drawing was the one thing she was not only good at, but found joy in. Because of this, she decided to pursue illustration as a career at Northern Illinois University. Some areas of illustration Lindsey is passionate about are video game design, fantasy character design, industrial design, and 3D digital sculpting. She is also open to exploring more aspects of the world of illustration.  


Also, due to her love of non-verbal self-expression, Lindsey also pursued a minor in psychology. Being able to understand the human mind on a deeper level has helped her to be more creative in the studio as well as find joy in her creations. Another reason Lindsey decided to learn more about psychology was so she could open the possibility of furthering her education in art therapy later on.  


Other than illustration, Lindsey enjoys exploring new crafts, such as crocheting, when the mood strikes. However, the hobby that she continues currently and is most passionate about is color guard. She started color guard in high school with her school's team but truly gained passion for it after joining a local competitive winter guard team, Convergence. From 2016-2022, she’s performed with the team but has been coaching since the 2022 season. She has also been a captain for her high school, college, and winter guard teams.  

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